The undulating hills and rugged terrains of Uttarakhand make for an ideal setting for off-road biking and adventurous rides in the Himalayas, using the specially designed mountain bikes.

Uttarakhand’s valleys are incredible for some of the most amazing mountain roads and scenic views of rivers and lakes. Adventure sports in Uttarakhand are also renowned and one can certainly enjoy cycling here for adrenaline pumping bike tours.

Many long and short route options are available for cycling in Uttarakhand, with the lengthy routes traversing through Rajaji National Park & Corbett National Park and could last a week, whilst the shorter rides could be around destinations like Dehradun and Nainital. One thing that you can be sure of is to be thrilled by the sheer excitement of mountain biking.

Here are some of the best places to #GoBiking in Uttarakhand.

Dehradun to Robbers Cave

This natural cave located about 10 KM from the city centre is a prime attraction near the city of Dehradun. There are multiple routes to get there, one along Malsi Deer Park and the other through an Army area. The roads are well maintained, surrounded by trees and amongst the best cycling trails for rides with your family.


Almora offers incredible panoramic views of the mighty snow-clad Himalayan peaks. The blend of terrains, a mix of road cycling and off-roading options allows for freedom to #GoBiking in your prefered way. You could test your limits on the rocky hills or go for leisure and fitness rides with your family and friends through Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Dehradun to Mussoorie

This trail is one of the most challenging stretches for any cyclist as you climb from an altitude of around 430 m to 2100 m . The entire ride will be uphill and offers a great view of Dehradun city on one side. The route is great for riders to test their endurance levels with the steep altitude climb.

The Kumaon Cycling Tour

The Kumaon region has an array of adventure experiences to offer with unexplored mountains, quaint villages, terrace farming, and dense forests of Deodars and Pine. Amongst the explored/popular trails which still make for a great cycling experience is the route which connects Nainital, Ramgarh, Kosi, Kathpuri, Sattal, Bhimtal, and Kilbury. This cycling route is loaded with twists & turns, hairpin bends, a mix of uphill and downhill, with several tributary trails that open up the world of adventure and mountain biking in the beautiful region.

Rishikesh to Mussoorie

Some of nature’s best secrets can be found in the Garhwal Himalayas and what can be the best way to explore the splendors other than cycling? For those who wish to take up a challenge, cycling from Rishikesh to Mussoorie will help one to explore the inner beauty of Uttarakhand as well as test their limits. This 400+ km multi-day trail starts from Rishikesh and passes through the scenic regions like New Tehri, Uttarkashi, Gangotri, Uttarkashi, Barhmakal and Mussoorie. During the journey, riders will experience beautiful sunsets, blooming flowers, whispering woods, alpine meadows, jostling rivers, surreal terrains, rugged off-roading, adrenaline rush, and a complete #GoBiking experience.

Uttarakhand is filled with mind boggling opportunities to live mountain biking adventures to the fullest. Apart from the trails mentioned above, one can also explore Chopta, Jim Corbett National Park, Mukteshwar, Nelong Valley, etc. for the thrill these places offer

Cycling RouteChamba – Koteshwar anesh Temple

35 kmDistance

430 mAscent

1,370 mDescent

1,787 mMax. Elevation

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About this route

Cycling from Chamba to Koteshwar Ganesh Temple 33 kms. Very scenic route along the Ganga. Overnight Camp at Ganesh Temple near Koteshwar

Cycling Route Haridwar – Bijnor

76 kmDistance

30 mAscent

80 mDescent

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About this route

Hardwar to Bijnor 75 Kms. Overnight Stays at Bijnor

Cycling Route Rishikesh – Haridwar

27 kmDistance

90 mAscent

150 mDescent

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About this route

Exploring Rajaji National Park. Tigers and elephants were very common all along the Ganga before but now Tigers are only left in Rajaji and Sunderban and elephants are left only in Rajaji. Overnight at Haridwar.

Cycling Route Ataliganga – The Beatel’s Ashram

34 kmDistance

600 mAscent

740 mDescent

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About this route

Cycle down to Beatles Ashram. Explore Beatles Ashram with Raju Gosain who have been researching on the Beatles’ stay there for the last 20 years. Overnight at Rishikesh.

Cycling Route Devprayag – Atali Ganga

2:34 hDuration

40 kmDistance

1,130 mAscent

1,170 mDescent

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About this route

Devpyayag to Atali Ganga 38 Kms.  Overnight at Atali ganga Camp  Site

Cycling Route Koteshwar – Devprayag

52 kmDistance

1,170 mAscent

1,300 mDescent

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About this route

Meet In-Me guys cycling down at the. Ganesh Temple. Koteshwar to Devprayag 48 Kms. On the way rafting of 22 Kms. Overnight at Devpraya